Monovip Italia : mini scooter elettrico , motorino elettrico, monopattino elettrico,  ciclomotore elettrico ed ecologico, a tre o due ruote in acciaio inox con acceleratore elettronico, made in italy




Electric scooter foldable, highly performing.
For individual and safely movement.

Technical specifications

Standard equip.



aluminium and stainless steel 304 with TIG welding
Drive high-resistance chain drive
Handlebar armotized fold away with height adjustment
Range up to 30 km on level ground
Carrying capacity up to 100 kg
Brakes front and rear disk
Accelerator electronic hand grip controls with safety device
Batteries Lead-gel, 4 elements by 12 V/22 A, dais with battery pack integrated "plug-in" removable
Rims alloy 6,5"
Recharging time approximately 6/8 hours
Weight kg 57
Open Dimensions Height 117 Width 63 Length 125 cm
Close Dimensions Height 60 Width 63 Length 90 cm


  • Duoble led front light
  • Level indicator battery charged
  • Charger 220 V/4 A
  • Painted rims
  • Carbon fenders
  • Baby Handlebar

  • 2 Years (Battery 1 year)

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